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Modern Hospice Design book cover

Modern Hospice Design: the architecture of palliative care

Routledge, May 2009

Modern Hospice Design examines different building types which serve the needs of the sick and the dying, from monasteries, alms-houses, and grim geriatric wards, to beautifully-crafted communal homes set in wildflower meadows.

It deals with every aspect of the design process, from finding a site to choosing an architect, and from developing detailed floor plans, to creating a plan for the garden. It is based on case studies from across Europe, and includes floor plans and other specific design details.

The book is illustrated with colour photographs.

Modern Hospice Design is thought-provoking...
Ken Worpole traces a path out of the darkness and into the light: from the Victorian asylum or sanatorium, devised to punish the sick, to the hospice movement and its assertion that even those who can't be made well by clinical medicine are entitled to be treated by the medical profession with not just dignity but something like love.
Times Literary Supplement

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Dockers & Detectives book cover

Dockers and Detectives

Five Leaves Press, 2009

Dockers and Detectives has now been enlarged and re-published.

This pioneering study of twentieth-century working class reading and writing in Britain revived a number of literary reputations, such as those of Alexander Baron and James Hanley, as well as distinguishing distinct regional cultures and narrative styles still existing in Britain.

He succeeds in making the reader want to rush out and read the books he is discussing because he tells a story well, and that in itself is still rare in books about literature.
City Limits

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350 miles book cover

350 Miles: An Essex Journey

with photographer, Jason Orton
Essex County Council, 2005

This handsomely designed – and much acclaimed - book explores the landscape and history of the Essex coast, rivers and estuaries.

The authors have uncovered in words and images a haunted littoral of piers and power plants, mudflats and louring skies… Essex has never looked so mystical.
The Independent

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Last Landscapes book cover

Last Landscapes: the architecture of the cemetery in the West

Reaktion Books, 2003

A wide-ranging book containing more than a hundred and forty photographs by Larraine Worpole explores the way death transforms ideas about landscape and architecture, historically and in present-day Western society and culture.

Detailed accounts are given of Viking burial islands in central Sweden, Etruscan tombs and early Christian catacombs in Italy, the 17th century Portuguese-Jewish cemetery 'Beth Haim' at Ouderkerk in the Netherlands, and famous 19th century 'cities of the dead' such as Bologna's La Certosa, Highgate in London and Père-Lachaise in Paris.tomb

Furthermore, this book explores the achievements of the great cemeteries of the modern era, such as the exquisite Stockholm Woodland Cemetery by Asplund and Lewerentz, and Aldo Rossi's rationalist city of the dead at San Cataldo, in northern Italy.

One of the most thought-provoking books of the year.
The Independent

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Here Comes the Sun book cover

Here Comes the Sun: architecture and public space in 20th century European culture

Reaktion Books, 2000

This first collaboration with photographer Larraine Worpole, examined how European architects, planners and social reformers tried to remake the city in the early 20th century in the image of a sunlit, ordered utopia.

It concentrates on a whole new repertoire of building types including open-air museums, libraries, health centres, promenades, linear and sports parks, promenades and lidos.

This beautifully produced book makes a host of thought-provoking links between private faces and public places.

It will surely make you see familiar and forgotten architectural landmarks in a new light.
The Architect’s Journal

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Hackney Propaganda: Working Class Club Life and Politics in Hackney 1870–1900

By Barry Burke & Ken Worpole. £5

First published in 1980, this facsimile reprint tells the story of the vibrant culture of working class club life and politics which existed in Hackney in the late 19th century, providing details of club affiliations, names and addresses, lecture lists, poetry readings, outings, brass bands, bunfights and demonstrations, which made the borough ‘the most heretical…in the metropolis’.

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